We are looking for a personable and responsible Project Coordinator who will organize, schedule, and oversee all publishing activities to facilitate collaborative storytelling. In cooperation with other Project Coordinators, and under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer, you will be responsible for all deliverables being met to ensure the successful publication of Relay’s novels.


Job Outline

You will oversee all tasks involved with the publishing of a book and work with team members to meet their goals by the assigned deadlines. You will be required to keep up to date on all aspects of a project, assign duties, and assist others so that even complicated tasks come to completion in an orderly and timely manner. You will also be required to use initiative and communicate with upper management to solve unexpected problems.

You will be responsible for specific projects and ensuring that their deadlines are met, and each task is complete and handed on to the next person in the book publishing process. Coordination is a key role to the company and you will be communicating with our team of over one hundred contractors around the world and so communication skills and fostering teamwork in this online environment is of utmost importance. Although the publishing deadlines are solid, there is at times some flexibility within each project. You will need to learn the process, so that you can work with the creatives (who tend to stretch the deadlines!) and ensure we make delivery whilst catering to the ever changing time demands of the people working on each book. The system is set up to help us keep all the projects on track, and make it easy for our contractors to manage so that the creatives can best use their time to create, not administrate!

This is a job share role as there are multiple coordinators working for Relay Publishing, and will be approximately 20 to 35 hours per week. The hours are flexible but project administration is required Monday to Friday. You will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer and will be required to have weekly meetings to ensure the effective coordination of the projects and continued efficient workflow of the company.

We are offering an employment contract for this role with a salary of £13 per hour. 


Necessary Skills & Experience

  • Project coordination
  • Project management software (Teamwork.com preferred but not essential)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience managing and prioritising multiple projects in a dynamic environment
  • Analytical skills with attention to detail
  • Extraordinary organisation, time management and prioritisation
  • Technologically savvy, touch typing necessary – speed is essential


About You

You will be an organised, proactive, positive individual that enjoys a challenge and uses your problem solving skills to adapt to the many changes that arise throughout the book publishing process. You are detail-oriented, and always looking for ways to best help the creatives achieve their goals whilst ensuring the publishing schedule is kept. You are a real team player, you love working with people and helping to foster an excellent workplace environment and understand the nuances of doing so in a virtual office. You are responsible, motivated and trustworthy. Working online means we need the best people to ensure the success of the company and we’re always looking for ways to better improve the processes. Your ideas are always welcome.  You will need to be able to work autonomously and be an excellent researcher to try and solve problems on your own where possible. The time difference often means that you need to try to resolve a scheduling issue on your own. This often involves a lot of juggling of tasks, dates, and people – so communication is key.

Job Duties

  • Assist the creatives to adhere to established policy and procedures

  • Schedule all tasks and people associated with a book and take ownership of project

  • Monitor publishing schedules and adjust deadlines to ensure deadlines are met

  • Foster great working relationships with the creatives and between them

  • Consistently update manuals and processes documentation to ensure it is up to date

  • Get to know all members of the team, including their strengths and weakness so that you can better the process for working with individual contractors

  • Issue contracts to contractors for each series

  • Motivate others and build enthusiasm for a project by keeping focused on its main objectives and completion

  • Keep upper management in the loop by preparing publishing updates

  • Look for ways to improve the process to keep it effective and efficient in a growing environment

  • Have Skype or phone meetings with management and creatives as required

What’s in it for You?

An amazing freelance, online, remote working environment with a real collaborative virtual office that fosters teamwork, development and open communication. We are passionate about creating an online workplace that really works! We use an online project management software that helps us keep an open, collaborative approach to all our projects.  Just because we work remote, doesn’t mean we have to be remote! We want to nurture our team and work with a consistent group of professionals to be part of the company as it continues to grow. We use an online project management system to run our projects which integrate seamlessly with your emails.

We thoroughly believe in long-term collaborative relationships and that is reflected in our approach to all our projects. We offer competitive rates, clear briefs & expectations, and friendly and fun communication throughout. Flexibility is one of our core work principles: as long as the work gets done, you can do it whenever it suits you. Unlike a traditional office we don’t require you to be at your desk 9-5—you pick your own schedule. If you’re serious about writing or editing for a living, we’d love to hear from you.

We are always open to ideas. We like to have brainstorming sessions and offer incentives for participation. Whether that’s a new book or business venture, a change to processes and workflow. No matter what your role, you are part of the team and your voice counts.

We have grown dramatically over the last couple years and we plan on growing more, come along for the ride!


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