Harry Wallett

is the Founder and Managing Director of Relay Publishing. Combining his entrepreneurial background with a love of great stories, Harry founded Relay in 2013 as a fresh way to create books and for writers to earn a living from their work. Since then, Relay has sold 3+ million copies and worked with 100s of writers on bestselling titles such as Defending Innocence, The Alveria Dragon Akademy Series and Rancher’s Family Christmas. Harry oversees the creative direction of the company, and works to develop a supportive collaborative environment for the Relay team to thrive within in order to fulfill our mission to create unputdownable books.

Tamar Crane

is the Chief Operating Officer, currently residing in Australia. Responsible for the publishing schedule, project management, systems implementation and growth. With a background in film and television production, she moved into the publishing industry in 2016, when Harry found her profile online and asked if she thought her skills would be transferable, to which she replied “Sure, it will just be easier!”. When she’s not being cheeky in interviews, she’s making the most of her online career traveling the world as a digital nomad with 38 countries and counting!

Rebecca Berus

is our US-based Marketing Strategist, and is responsible for the launch plans for upcoming titles, writing cover briefs, reviewing blurbs and covers, and managing the marketing efforts. With a background as a marketing consultant for indie authors, Rebecca joined the Relay team mid-2017 to help coordinate book launches and continuous marketing. When she’s not working on Relay Publishing or her other clients, she’s often diving into a romance novel.

Anita Chan

has been called the ‘Marketing Magician’ and is currently working her marketing magic from Greece. This Australian has been with Relay Publishing since 2016. Not only does she create great visuals for marketing materials, she’s also responsible for publishing and social media co-ordination. Before RP she had never read anything in the most popular genre in modern literature, Romance. “Relay Publishing has changed me forever!”

Paul Ainsworth

Paul is the Relay CFO and works with the team on a part time basis. Although originally from the UK, he now resides in Hungary with his family and his finance career has also taken him to Belgium and Germany. Paul is responsible for the financial reporting, analysis and forecasting of Relay’s operations and he has also written several blogs providing insights gained from his career and drawing on his experience across many areas of finance. When not providing a taxi service for his two teenage sons, he enjoys playing sport and also supports the activities of a youth cricket academy in Budapest.

Susie Stavert

is our HR & Project Manager who works across several departments from her seaside home in the UK. She is a super organised doer who gets her thrills from creating order out of chaos. With a background in people, project management and production, Susie has worked in healthcare, advertising, hospitality (and more) and brings a variety of skills and problem-solving expertise to the team. When she isn’t knee deep in an inbox, she can be found either hanging off the side of a cliff or indulging her passion for photography … or both at the same time!

Anja Rodriguez

is our US-based German Marketing Assistant and Audiobook Coordinator. This German native joined the Relay family in the summer of 2018 to support our German marketing efforts and quickly grew to love the flexible hours, working from anywhere she wants, with a team that makes working fun! When she isn’t working, she can be found enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors, spending quality time with her two girls, or devouring a new novel from her ever-growing book collection.

Jodie Handley

is a Project Coordinator and Executive Assistant hailing from sunny Queensland, Australia. After more than 11 years of working in a legal environment, she decided to take her organizational skills and move them into a more creative and enjoyable industry. When she isn’t bringing order to chaos at work, Jodie enjoys thread painting and creating embroidery art, playing video games, or just chilling out with her partner and many cat children.

Gonçalo Costa

is a Project Coordinator who, spurred on by his love of all things publishing, joined the Relay family in 2021. A Portuguese native, he has since settled in the UK, and it’s from there that he coordinates our publishing efforts. Creative projects are what gets him going, and he loves nothing more than to clear roadblocks and help others bring their projects to fruition. When he’s not tethered to his laptop, he can be found trying to make sense of a culinary book, running laps around the neighborhood, or adding books to his never-ending collection.

Beth Greenwood

Is our UK-based Bookkeeper, and is responsible for the upkeep of the accounting records, payments and other general admin. The flexible hours work well as when she’s not working, she is kept busy with 2 young children, their hobbies and 2 dogs. She likes to spend her free time going swimming and to gym classes, baking (and eating), settling down with some easy reading girly books.

Ilaria Casabianca

is our Italian Marketing Assistant. With a background in marketing, communications and translation, she’s helping us grow our presence in the Italian market. She loves being part of an international team while working from her home in northern Italy. When she isn’t working on marketing and social media content, you can find her taking care of translation projects or with her nose stuck in a good book.

Megan Towey

is our part-time, UK-based Publishing Assistant. An award-winning investigative journalist, Megan joined the team at Relay Publishing in 2023 to pursue her dream of a career in writing and publishing. When she’s not reading or writing her own novels, you’ll find Megan working on documentaries, doing Pilates or trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Rebekah Heaney

began freelancing for Relay back in 2019, developing narrative outlines, before coming on board full time as a writer in Relay’s fantasy genre in 2023. With a background in journalism and a degree in English Literature, she has won multiple awards for her creative writing and loves the fact she gets to spend her days dreaming up tales of magic and dragons. (Her ten-year-old self would be so proud!) Having lived in the UAE and USA, she now splits her time between the bustling streets of London and the beautiful English countryside.

Tune in to hear about Harry Wallet, the Managing Director of Relay Publishing, and what inspired him to create this collaborative story creation studio.