creative collaboration

Behind the scenes of Relay Publishing is a world of hard working creatives and administrators helping to bring our books to life. There’s writing, editing, marketing, audiobook production, translation and of course publishing. We need people to help bring these books to life, whether that’s cover art design, illustration, typography, project management or publicity. We are always looking for creative, conscientious collaborators to join the team.

Current Positions

Voice Actors & Narrators

Relay Publishing is looking for talented and experienced voice actors and narrators who want to help bring our Post-Apocalyptic & YA Fantasy books to life using their excellent storytelling skills. If you want to use your narration and audio production expertise...

Cover Artist Role

  While we aren't currently looking for new Cover Designers we welcome your interest and are accepting applications that we we can keep in mind for the future.    We want to work with people who are creative, passionate, and conscientious on an ongoing basis. As a...


“My experience is entirely positive … the books are fun, and the people working on the project are competent, considerate and dedicated.”

Thais, June 2022

“I really loved the way the translation and proofreading stages are organized, as they really guarantee producing a flawless translation.”

Martina (Spanish Translator) Oct '21

“It was enjoyable to proofread a manuscript that was already very well translated and almost error-free.”

Julian (German Proofreader) Sep '21

“I have done a lot of freelancing over the years, and I have never had such a warm and welcoming experience.”

Wendy ’20

“I absolutely love working for Relay, it’s hands down the best working environment and one of the best teams out there!”

Stef, Nov ’19

“I find Relay a pleasure to work for and so so organised, which makes life easier.”

Shenée, Nov ’18

“I’ve worked with Relay for more than four years and in that time, I’ve been increasingly impressed with the growth of the company and the projects completed. As a 20+ year veteran of the publishing industry, watching Relay’s transition from novice to expert has been nothing short of phenomenal and it’s been my pleasure to help be a part of the growth.”


“I can honestly say that my work with Relay has been my best freelance experience by far.”