How It WOrks


We take incredible story ideas and collaborate with talented writers to bring them to life.

Story ideas and concepts are created by our in-house team, which are then fleshed out into detailed character profiles and outlines. We then work with one of our writers to bring this outline to life.

We love great stories (who doesn’t?) and we’re passionate about the people who write them.

When you work with us, you’ll be working with people who respect and admire what you do – because they’re writers too. Write for us and be part of an ambitious, supportive team who have one goal: to create amazing stories

 the RELAY WRITING process

Story ideas and concepts are created by our in-house team using market research and good old fashioned brainstorming.
These ideas are then fleshed out into detailed outlines and character profiles forming a project pack.
We then go through our pool of writers to find a voice & style that fit the story best.
The writer is approached with the concept and outline. If their schedule is open, we’ll discuss the story, set-up payment terms and a contract with them to write the story.
Each writer is assigned a story expert and an experienced editor. They will be your contacts if you have any questions about the outline and to help you shape the story to its best possible version.
Once the story is finished, you’ll be sent the copyright contract to sign and then paid in full.


This is a commissioned work-for-hire project, so after payment is released the full rights of the story will be transferred to us.

Many writers have used commissioned projects to learn the craft and propel their writing career.

Paula Hawkins, bestselling writer of The Girl On The Train credits her commissioned work with developing herself as a fiction writer. Find out more about how ghostwriting can help you become a better creative writer here. 

…the Amy Silver novels were commissioned. I was given the idea by someone else.

They were really fantastic as a learning experience for a fiction writer. I really got to flex my fiction muscles and try things out, play around with structures.

So by the time I got to this book, which really came from me and was all my own ideas and what I wanted to do, I had an idea in my head how I wanted to structure things and how I was going to pace things, and what might work and what might not. It was a really good instruction into writing.

Paula Hawkins

Source: The Daily Beast | Photo: Wikipedia

Payment Rates

Our rates are extremely competitive—75% of our writers graded their payment rates as great or excellent. Please contact us for more information.

If you’re interested in writing for Relay Publishing, fill in our application form

THE RELAY REcruitment Process

Sample review—Submit a sample of your best work and one of our editors will review it. Expect a reply within 7 days.
Phone call—Short phone call to learn more about you and your work.
Paid trial—You’ll receive a prompt or sample to work on during a paid trial. This is then sent to a senior editor to review.
Hired!  – You are now part of the Relay writing team


Coming onboard with Relay Publishing was far and away the best career decision I ever made. I get to work with a dynamic team of people to spin stories readers love. Best of all, I make my own schedule, and I can take my work with me wherever I go. Travel the world, be your own taskmaster, and write for a living! Miranda

Relay Publishing is a significant portion of my freelance business. I look forward to working alongside Harry and his first-rate team of professionals with every project. Relay’s business model really is the future of publishing, and I feel blessed to be part of such a forward-thinking team. Laura

It’s always a pleasure writing on projects for Relay Publishing. I love the Teamwork application which makes finding out all the pertinent facts and communicating with team members so easy and efficient. I also like the ease of recording hours on the application and the ease of uploading project files now that we are doing it directly within Teamwork.

You hire top-notch people for every aspect of the process and I’ve yet to run into someone who isn’t knowledgeable about their respective aspect of the process. Everyone is always super positive and helpful and it makes working with Relay a true joy. Traci

I’ve worked with Relay for more than four years and in that time, I’ve been increasingly impressed with the growth of the company and the projects completed. As a 20+ year veteran of the publishing industry, watching Relay’s transition from novice to expert has been nothing short of phenomenal and it’s been my pleasure to help be a part of the growth. Leslie

I’m liking the practice writing in a different mode for Relay and it really seems like you guys are interested in helping people try new things. Overall very happy! It’s also a weight off my mind with how volatile publishing can be in general. Anna

London, UK