Calling all great writers! We know you’re out there and we’re keen to collaborate.

We’re looking for writers who can create a compelling story from a detailed outline, fleshing it out into a riveting book full of amazing characters and an exciting plotline.

Our editors are some of the best in the industry. Highly experienced within their respective genres.

They are unashamedly story-geeks and know exactly what goes into an unputdownable book.

We work with a great team of hard working creators and administrators to help bring our books to life.

Our team includes translators, cover designers, audiobook narrators, marketers and book formatters.

We are always looking for creative, conscientious collaborators to join the team, so if you’re interested in working with Relay Publishing

Fill in our online application form for our one of a kind story creation studio.


“I always love working with Relay because it’s always so organized. I know what I’m getting and when, and how long I have until it needs to be done.”

Mattie, Copy & Proof Editor, May '24

“Kind colleagues, interesting projects, flexible schedules, and fast and punctual payments. What could I ask for more?”

Eleonora (Proofreader) '23

“It was a pleasure working on this book from start to finish … My favourite part of being on the team is how much everyone is happy to collaborate. Communication is easy, and I feel free to perform my best work at all times.”

Thais, Proofreader, 2023

“I’m quite proud of being part of the Relay Family and am honored to be involved in anyway that I can.”

Eric (Factchecker), June '22

“I really loved the way the translation and proofreading stages are organized, as they really guarantee producing a flawless translation.”

Martina (Spanish Translator) Oct '21

“It was enjoyable to proofread a manuscript that was already very well translated and almost error-free.”

Julian (German Proofreader) Sep '21

“I love working with this writer. She’s come a long way since she started writing for Relay, and it’s a delight to see that development.”

Elisabeth (Editor) Oct, '20

“The Editor is very open to allowing the writer to make suggestions and then rolling with those ideas, getting on board with any new plot points and helping to hone them so that their execution is the best it can be. Working with her felt truly collaborative.”

Rebekah (Outline Writer), Aug '20

“It’s great that Relay has up-to-date manuals and instructions for so many stages of their process. I love that level of investment. It’s very good to be able to feed back after a project. It’s great for a company / employer to value employee / freelancer input and treat all those involved as bringing somethign valuable to the project.”

Rebecca (Editor), Dec '19

“I absolutely love working for Relay, it’s hands down the best working environment and one of the best teams out there!”

Stef (Proofreader), Nov '19

“The team have been amazing. So supportive and smart within their respective roles. It’s been one of my favourite experiences in the last few years. You’re all building a cracking company. Really feel like I’ve landed on my feet here 🙂

Paul (Writer), Nov '18

“I feel gratified that I was able to contribute to the revised concept, since I really liked the characters that came out of that  process. I felt part of the collaborative and creative process, and Relay staff made me feel part of the team and not just a freelancer.”

Allyson (Writer), Sep '18

“I find Relay a pleasure to work for and so so organised, which makes life easier.”

Shenée (Editor), Nov '18

“I want to tell you that you’ve got a good thing going (which I’m sure you already know). I came to Relay Publishing after editing for several difficult authors in a row, and I had almost forgotten how it felt to work together to make a stronger book. But Relay Publishing has reminded me why I have so enjoyed editing fiction.”

Jean (Editor), Feb '18

“This project was a blast to work on from start to finish.”

Leslie (Editor), Nov '22

“I just enjoyed working with Relay again! It’s so nice to work with a professional publishing company who cares about content!”

Abbie (Writer), Jan '22

“I really enjoy the collaborative creation process at Relay – it’s so useful to have the different levels of logic and multiple perspectives all working together to tell fun and interesting stories.”

Tessa (Outline Editor), Apr '21

“I have to be honest, this is probably the best outline I’ve gotten as a story writer. The outline is thorough, realistic, the character motivations make sense and are believable, and it’s going to be a blast to write!”

Victoria (Writer), Oct '20

“I had a good experience working on these outlines. The Editor is an excellent collaborator, and always has good notes. She is very perceptive and detail-oriented, and goes out of her way to make sure everything comes together as it should.”

Claire (Writer), July '20

“I have done a lot of freelancing over the years, and I have never had such a warm and welcoming experience.”

Wendy, '20

Would you please pass my congratulations to the outliner. The reason this story turned out so well was that she gave me solid, likeable characters with real, believable backstories and also lots of little fun details for me to riff on. She did a great job and made my work that much easier for it. Looking forward to my next relay project!

Theresa (Writer), Dec '19

“It’s always a pleasure writing on projects for Relay Publishing. I love the Teamwork application which makes finding out all the pertinent facts and communicating with team members so easy and efficient. I also like the ease of recording hours on the application and the ease of uploading project files now that we are doing it directly within Teamwork.

You hire top-notch people for every aspect of the process and I’ve yet to run into someone who isn’t knowledgeable about their respective aspect of the process. Everyone is always super positive and helpful and it makes working with Relay a true joy.”

Traci (Writer), '19

“I loved writing this series! It was so much fun—I had a detailed outline to guide me, but plenty of room to develop the characters and elements of the plot in a direction that felt organic as I was writing. This was a great way to take a break between my own writing projects and make some extra money. I can’t wait to write another book for Relay!”

N.H. (Writer), Oct '18

“I truly love working with Relay mainly for the people and the team-spirit. My needs are always accommodated and everyone is always just very kind and helpful. It’s always a pleasure to work in an environment in which people understand that you have boundaries and real-life responsibilities to deal with. Relay’s work ethic is what keeps me coming back …”
Marion, French translator, March 2023

“I appreciated that the Editor pushed me to really meet the needs of this new genre in terms of plotting – her edits gave me a chance to hone my skills in this area and now I feel much more confident producing this kind of story.”

Rebekah (Writer), Mar '21

“I love the new outline, and the introductory calls continue to be super helpful. The professionalism, creativity, and flexibility of everyone on the Relay team continues to be excellent. Thank you!!!!!!!!”

Kate (Outline Writer), Jul '21

“The editor was very prompt and thorough in her answers, whenever I had a question or wanted to discuss where we were headed. We were therefore able to solve any problems that arose quickly and efficiently.”

Anna (Writer), Aug '20

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ghostwriting and the collaborative nature of writing for Relay.”
Cara (Writer), July '20

“The outline for this book was amazing. It made writing easy.”

Patricia (Writer), Jun '20

“I’ve worked with Relay for more than four years and in that time, I’ve been increasingly impressed with the growth of the company and the projects completed. As a 20+ year veteran of the publishing industry, watching Relay’s transition from novice to expert has been nothing short of phenomenal and it’s been my pleasure to help be a part of the growth.”


“I’m liking the practice writing in a different mode for Relay and it really seems like you guys are interested in helping people try new things. Overall very happy! It’s also a weight off my mind with how volatile publishing can be in general.”

Anna (Writer), '19

“I can honestly say that my work with Relay has been my best freelance experience by far.”

Kathleen (Writer)

“Coming onboard with Relay Publishing was far and away the best career decision I ever made. I get to work with a dynamic team of people to spin stories readers love. Best of all, I make my own schedule, and I can take my work with me wherever I go. Travel the world, be your own taskmaster, and write for a living!”

Miranda (Writer), '19

“Relay Publishing is a significant portion of my freelance business. I look forward to working alongside Harry and his first-rate team of professionals with every project. Relay’s business model really is the future of publishing, and I feel blessed to be part of such a forward-thinking team.”

Laura (Writer), '19

“So far my time working for Relay has been great. The projects are fun, and it’s an interesting new way to look at constructing a book. I’m learning a lot!”

Jeff (Writer), Dec '18

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