Relay Publishing is looking for talented and experienced voice actors and narrators who want to help bring our Post-Apocalyptic & YA Fantasy books to life using their excellent storytelling skills. If you want to use your narration and audio production expertise and have a passion for creating engaging audio that keeps listeners engaged, we’d love to hear from you.


Job Outline

Our ideal candidate will have experience with voice acting, voiceover, or narration as well as audiobook production and editing, and enjoy bringing a variety of stories to life. You will be expected to meet deadlines and clearly communicate if you are unable to deliver on time.

Following a successful audition, you’ll receive the full manuscript along with detailed notes to help you really understand the book’s main characters and their motivations. We’ll give feedback on the first 15 minutes and reach out with our edits following the full recording and you’ll have control over the production and editing presenting a final copy to us within a given timeframe. 


We want to work with people who are creative, passionate, and conscientious on an ongoing basis. As a virtual office, communication is key, we like to work with individuals who can meet deadlines and communicate clearly and efficiently to keep us up to date with your progress.


Necessary Skills & Experience

  • Excellent storytelling & characterization which will bring the stories to life whilst keeping listeners engaged and wanting more
  • Ability to develop convincing and distinct character voices and maintain these consistently throughout the audiobook
  • Ability to narrate male and female characters
  • Consistency in performance throughout the audiobook
  • Correct, clear and clean enunciation of words and phrases
  • Intuitive timing, creativity
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills.
  • Time management, prioritization and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Technologically savvy in order to work with our project management software and Word!


About You

Experience and and working knowledge of the production of audiobooks is essential. You’ll have access to your own recording equipment and / or studio and experience in audiobook narration. Editing and mastering skills is a plus. You want to use your narration skills to bring a story to life and you have a passion for creating captivating audio that keeps your listeners engaged. You can check out our catalogue of audiobooks here to get a feel for what we expect.   

What’s in it for You?

An amazing freelance, online, remote working environment with a real collaborative virtual office that fosters teamwork, development and open communication. We are passionate about creating an online workplace that really works! We use an online project management software that helps us keep an open, collaborative approach to all our projects.  Just because we work remote, doesn’t mean we have to be remote! We want to nurture our team and work with a consistent group of professionals to be part of the company as it continues to grow. We use an online project management system to run our projects which integrate seamlessly with your emails.

We thoroughly believe in long-term collaborative relationships and that is reflected in our approach to all our projects. We offer competitive rates, clear briefs & expectations, and friendly and fun communication throughout. Flexibility is one of our core work principles: as long as the work gets done, you can do it whenever it suits you. Unlike a traditional office we don’t require you to be at your desk 9-5—you pick your own schedule. If you’re serious about writing or editing for a living, we’d love to hear from you.

We are always open to ideas. We like to have brainstorming sessions and offer incentives for participation. Whether that’s a new book or business venture, a change to processes and workflow. No matter what your role, you are part of the team and your voice counts.

We have grown dramatically over the last couple years and we plan on growing more, come along for the ride!


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